How to Defrost Chicken

How to Defrost Chicken Like a Pro!

In this article information about How to Defrost Chicken Like a Pro! It’s a weekday, you’ve just gotten home from a long day of work, and now it’s time to cook dinner. You find your refrigerator bare, but the freezer well-stocked with rock hard, frozen chicken. Do you:

  • Put some frozen chicken in the oven as-is,
  • Starve because it’ll never defrost in time, or
  • Leave it in the sink and get take-out? Hopefully, you’ve done none of the above because there are four perfectly safe ways to defrost chicken! You can use the refrigerator, cold water, the microwave, or a nifty defrosting plate.


The refrigerator is the safest, albeit slowest method available. Generally speaking, it takes about five full hours per pound of chicken. You can leave it in its original packaging or remove it if you wish to season and marinate it. Keep in mind, that if you do remove its wrapper. You must rewrap it tightly in plastic cling wrap and then place it in a pan large enough to catch and contain all the drippings. Once it’s defrosted, you can keep it in the fridge for an additional one to two days.

Using cold water to defrost chicken

Using cold water to defrost chicken is a much faster method; about 30 minutes per pound. First make sure that your chicken is in a waterproof wrapper, such as clingwrap plus a zipper baggie. Or just its original packaging. Then place your wrapped chicken in a bowl, and either shower it with a constant trickle of cold water or allow it to sit in a full bowl of water. If you choose the latter, you’ll have to refill the cold water every 30 minutes. And remember: never, never use warm water because it allows bacteria to flourish! Here you know about sad Shayari.

The microwave is the trickiest way to defrost the chicken

The microwave is the trickiest way to defrost the chicken. Aside from the fact that your bird simply may not fit into the microwave. You run the risk of partially cooking the chicken you’re attempting to defrost! If you do try this method, test it out on a couple of small chicken pieces rather than an entire chicken. I recommend consulting your microwave manual as well. Heat for two minutes on the “defrost” setting, allow to sit for another two minutes, check on it. And then repeat until it’s fully defrosted.

The most impressive method is a defrosting tray

The most impressive method is a defrosting tray. They’re just coated slabs of aluminum that transfer heat from the air to your food quickly. Whether the frozen chicken is in a bag or not. You just set it directly on the defrosting plate, and make sure that there is a pan underneath to catch drippings. You can usually defrost chicken breasts straight from the freezer in under an hour!

All in all, the refrigerator is the method of choice if you are planning ahead. If strapped for time, and the chicken is small, use the defrosting tray. The cold water method is appropriate when you have a large chicken and have the time to run water over it. If you want to experiment with the microwave method, be careful and use only small pieces of chicken!

How To Defrost Chicken Without Using A Microwave

Defrosting your chicken is a process that you should think of well ahead of time. This is because your chicken takes time to thaw, depending on the size of the chicken and the defrosting method used.

Using a microwave to defrost chicken is highly un-advisable. This is because microwaves can cook you chicken slightly on the outside while the insides remain raw and may cause your chicken to lose flavor. Here you know about insurance meme.

The two safest and hygienic ways to defrost chicken

The two safest and hygienic ways to defrost chicken are the fridge -defrost method and the cold water -defrost method. Unlike the microwave –defrost method, both are slower and time-consuming but you can be assured of a well-thawed chicken without worrying about undercooked insides or growth of salmonella and other bacteria.

Under the fridge defrost method

the chicken can be left whole and packaged put in a tray or dish (to prevent water from dripping into the refrigerator) and then placed in the fridge to defrost.

defrost method, the chicken can be left whole and packaged put in a tray or dish (to prevent water from dripping into the refrigerator) and then placed in the fridge to defrost.

You can also remove the packaging from the chicken. Cover with cling film, and place in a shallow bowl to contain drippings then put in the refrigerator to defrost.

The fridge

The defrost method is the oldest and safest way to defrost your chicken but it takes time. You can keep your chicken in the refrigerator for up to 2 days after defrosting using this method.

Using the cold water method of defrosting, the chicken is wrapped up or put in a Ziploc bag. Run water into the sink till it is full then submerge your chicken in the cold water for a length of time.

Ensure that the water does not become warm as this can trigger the growth of bacteria.

You can also place the chicken in a deep container filled with water. Then you place under the tap and let cold water trickle slowly into the container, displacing the water in the container slowly.

It is faster than the fridge –defrost method. Under the cold water –defrost method. It is important that you ensure your chicken is totally submerged in water for the whole defrosting period.


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