MCV Blood Test

MCV Blood Test ( Mean corpuscular volume )

MCV Blood Test

This article is dedicated to discussing MCV Blood Test – giving you a description of it and providing any other information that might be of use. (any meaning the information I think could be of use; as I’m no doctor and could make a good evaluation, so take everything mentioned with a grain of salt; I’m taking it from a good source, but people mistakes; and so might the individual behind the original have done).

So, what’s this MCV-test? It calculates sizes of red-blood-cells. There are “normal values”, which, if you are “inside them”, you are safe – but, in the case that you are not inside, you might suffer from ailments or a blood-disorder.

When is the MCV particularly valuable?

At times when nothing else shows a problem. This test’s ability to give signals that are not given by something else.

So, what can these abnormalities in RBC-size cause? If too big, anemias might happen. Because your body hasn’t been given a sufficient amount of B12-vitamin. #If too small, anemias may come to be. As well, and thalassemias’ more likely to happen.

If the RBC-size is normal but bordering on becoming normal – do you have something to worry about? Likely, you have nothing to panic about – actually, panicking is never a good idea. Since they ARE normal, only a little more than optimal, a slight change in something that highly affects RBC-size should turn things in a direction toward optimal values. How can this be done? As usual, when it comes to health, alcohol’s an issue. If you have been drinking a lot, should you panic, and start blaming yourself?

No, but you should probably really look at what has happened. If you, in talking to someone who really is knowledgeable about RBC-sizes. Come to the conclusion that alcohol’s had the effect of increasing RBC-sizes. And, if you, and whom you are consulting. Find further equal alcohol-consumption would be harmful to your health. You should decide what you need to cut down on it. Once again, though, don’t panic about it – just look at the cards on the table, and make a decision based on them.

Why MCV blood test is important

Have you ever had an MCV blood test? Blood tests are a basic tool doctors use to determine whether they are suffering from a particular disease. If you have just recently undergone a blood test, you may have some words that you cannot understand, complex words that doctors use for measurement.

These conditions are important components of blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets, MCH or mean corpuscular hemoglobin, MCHC or mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, and finally, MCV or mean corpuscular volume. This special discussion will talk about the Mean Corpular Volume or MCV, which is one of the most important components of a blood test. If you are wondering what an MCV blood test is, continue reading to find out.

Why take the MCV blood test?

MCV is a standard part of the CBC blood test. Mean corpuscular volume is used to measure the size or volume of individual red blood cells measured in femtoliters. Your mean corpuscular volume is calculated by taking your hematocrit and dividing it by your RCB count. Your hematocrit is the percentage of your blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells.

A change in the MCV blood test can tell a person if he is suffering from a disease or if a blood disorder is obvious. Sometimes, the body may suffer from disease even without producing any symptoms beforehand. These types of diseases are called asymptomatic diseases, and a good way to determine if a person is undergoing any asymptomatic disease is to check their MCV. If the person is not within normal limits in his MCV blood test, the doctor examines the person for any type of anomalous diseases.

MCV blood test is part of a CBC blood test

A complete blood count or CBC test is performed. Doctors appoint their patients to find out their general health status. The CBC examines various parts of the blood to arrive with a specific diagnosis. The components of the CBC calculation are the following:

White blood cell count: MCV blood Test

This test counts the number of white blood cells present in the blood in a specific amount. Increasing and decreasing the number of white blood cells is very important.

Red blood cell count: MCV blood Test

This test counts the number of red blood cells present in the blood in a specific amount. With white blood cell testing, deficiency and growth may indicate an abnormality. Red blood cells perform very importantly

Functions in the body: MCV blood Test

Often called erythrocytes, red blood cells are assigned to deliver oxygen from the lungs to various parts of the body. Oxygen is important for almost all of our work, and its deficiency can lead to serious complications.

Hemoglobin test: MCV blood Test

Hemoglobin is the substance in the blood that carries oxygen. Doctors test them to find out how much hemoglobin is in the blood.
Hematocrit test: Hematocrit stands for the percentage of red blood cells in a particular amount of blood.

Platelet count: MCV blood Test

This test determines the number of platelets in your blood. Increases and decreases may indicate abnormal conditions. MPV or mean platelet volume is a measure of the size of your platelets. This test shows the doctor how much your bone marrow produces platelets.

Mean corpuscular hemoglobin: MCV blood Test

MCH is a test that determines the average amount of hemoglobin inside an individual red blood cell. Macrocytic red blood cell is an enlarged blood cell that has high levels of MCH, whereas a microcytic red blood cell is a small red blood cell, with a small degree of MCH.

What are the results of MCV blood test

With each individual, the typical range for MCVs is eighty to hundred femtoliters. In instances where your MCV is higher than normal, that is, beyond a hundred women, you have macrocytic red blood cells. A high MCV means that your red blood cells are larger than normal, and this may mean that you are suffering from a variety of diseases. These diseases are liver disease, hypothyroidism, hereditary anemia, megaloblastic anemia, or reticulocytosis. MCV also reaches heights when a person takes a zidovudine treatment for AIDS or anti-cramps.

On the other hand, when an MCV blood test reports an MCV that is lower than normal, it indicates that the person has microcytic blood cells or small red blood cells. When MCV is less than normal, a variety of anomalous diseases also occur. These diseases are hypochlorhydria, copper and iron deficiency, vitamin C and B6 deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, hemolytic anemia, and hereditary diseases such as sideroblastic and thalassemia. When a person is poisoned by lead or other toxic substances, MCV is lower than normal. Here you know about mesothelioma meme.

Mpv Blood Test Low

MPV Is typically include in all tests of blood samples of patients. The MPV stands for Mean Platelet Volume and is used to measure blood platelets’ average size. The MPV helps in figuring out the current condition of the bone marrow. If an increased number of blood platelets are reported by the test including MPV. So this test can help in finding out the normal.

Or abnormal working of the bone marrow. Which is an important part of the diagnosis that is done in order to detect any disease or abnormality related to blood? If the MPV test shows high value, it means the production of blood platelets is more than normal. An MPV blood test low shows less than normal production of blood platelets in the body of the patient.

Types of Human Blood Components

You all must be aware of the three major components of human blood that are Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, and Blood Platelets. All the three play vital functions in the human body and any increase or decrease from normal value indicates some abnormality associated which if overlooked or not treated for long, may prove to be fatal.

Blood platelets

Blood platelets play a very important role in the clotting of blood. When there is even a slight cut or rupture in any of artery, vein, tissue. Or any other part of the body, the blood platelets aggregate at the spot and the process of clotting starts. If a person is suffering from some severe problems in the production of blood platelets, an MPV blood test low is reported.

There is another way of testing blood platelet count that is by simply counting the platelet in the laboratory. But MPV is more effective and more subtle. The advantage of carrying out an MPV is that it helps the doctor to detect any problem associated with low platelet count before the problem even shows up to be appearing, This is because of the fact that the platelets that are formed new are larger than the older ones.

So if there is not registered a low volume of platelets in the blood. But an MPV blood test low is reported. It can be detected that there is taking place the production of newer platelets in the blood. This type of result shows that there may be starting a severe problem associated with the bone marrow. The normal MPV measurement shows a reading between 5.0 and 15.0 Femtoliters. A femtoliter is equal to one quadrillionth of a liter. Usually, a problem is not based on a single factor, there are some other factors in conjunct with the MPV that together determine the problem.

Mean Cell Volume

The mean cell volume blood test is the total amount of complete blood count in the body, known as CBC. It indicates the volume of red blood cells in a sample. MCV is also known as mean corpuscular volume. It is a measurement which counts the red blood cells (RBC), also termed as erythrocytes.

To check your health graph, it is important for everyone to get a mean corpuscular volume test done. It is the right way to check whether you are in good health or there is an illness which is going asymptomatic. Asymptomatic means an illness going without showing any signs.

The complete blood count is done by drawing out blood from the upper extremity in elbow area using a syringe. The blood can also be taken out via heel prick or finger prick. Finger prick technique is used for young children and infants while the heel prick technique is used for newly born babies. Once the blood specimen is taken, it is sent for analysis in the laboratory. Here you know about Shayari love.


Femtoliter is a particular measurement used for measuring mean cell volume. The result of the MCV test as normal range may differ among various laboratory but the normal range is from 80 to 100 femtoliters. If the red blood cells are macrocytic, the MCV will increase, if red blood cells are microcytic, mean cells level will drop below the normal range.

Microcytic is a medical word, stands for that the red blood cell are smaller than their usual size. Red blood cell moves hemoglobin from one place to another, therefore, it plays a critical role in the body. Oxygen is carried from lungs to tissues in all parts of the body by hemoglobin. These red blood cells carry carbon dioxide to the lungs from tissues and carbon dioxide is eliminated from the body. Which is also a task performed by red blood cells.

The mean cell volume increases when suffered by pernicious anemia, hemolytic anemia and other troubles caused by folic acid and vitamin b12 deficiency. Those who consume a large amount of alcohol are mostly found with MCV. People suffering from chronic diseases, thalassemia or iron deficiency, have red blood cells below normal levels. Low levels of red blood cell can indicate cancer in the gastrointestinal system.

High Platelet Count Causes

High Platelet count may be defined as a condition when a person is diagnosed with Thrombocythemia. Medical help is not always necessary if the person having such increased count may otherwise have sound health. Platelets are usually held responsible for clotting of blood to prevent its loss. The test of it measures the number of platelets in one blood unit. A single count would include 150000-400000 every microlitre. Low platelet count is not a good signal. It can pose to be a health risk. Here you know about Mesothelioma Attorneys US Navy Veteran.

An increased platelet count may be referred to as thrombocythemia. Sometimes the high platelet count causes are known and such a situation may be called thrombocytosis. Under such a situation certain abnormal cells increase the count. These cells are usually located in the bone marrow. In certain acute cases, it may ultimately lead to a mild degree of Leukaemia.

If such increased counts occur during pregnancy there might be considerable health risks. A combination of pregnancy and such increased count may result in the death of the fetus or abortion. Sometimes surgery or different kinds of medication may lead to secondary thrombocytosis. Surgery may lead to impairment of certain tissues which in turn leads to an increased platelet count.

Sometimes cuts and accidental injuries may also be a dominant cause of increasing the platelet count. Infections of different kinds may lead to such increase amongst infants. However, the opposite might happen amongst grown-ups as a result of infection. Medical help might help, to cure and treat these infections.

Related Disease

A related disease occurring amongst children is the Kawasaki disease which leads to the swelling of arteries. Certain drug which is used to raise platelet count may be harmful to patients with an increased count. The organ Spleen affects the platelet count in the human body. When the spleen does not function properly it might lead to an increased count.

The symptoms of an increased count include dizziness, head, and chest pain and muscle cramps. Low platelet counts may be a result of a defective immunity structure. Under such a situation the immunity itself damages its own platelet. Counts lower than 1500000 may be considered low.

Bleeding of the skin can be an early signal of a low platelet count. Small cuts may lead to immense bleeding. It may cause abnormal periods in girls. Platelet counts vary from person to person and are important to maintain a healthy platelet count.
Hopefully, this little article about the MCV blood test has given you something of value to your life. Thank you for reading.


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