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11 Tips for Natural Growth of Eyelashes

Do you feel you don’t have long beautiful eyelashes like that of a diva? Don’t worry! We have collected some of the best, proven 11 Tips for Natural Growth of Eyelashes to help you out with that! Let’s get to the points directly:

Tips for Natural Growth of Eyelashes

1. From your kitchen’s habitué – Olive Oil

Olive Oil: Natural Growth of Eyelashes

Take that olive oil bottle off the shelf but this time don’t use it over the stove. With so much abundance of essential vitamins in its olive oil is a great moisturizer. That can help with the nourishment of skin, hair, and nails. These properties also help with the growth of eyelashes. There are uncountable stories related to olive oil and eyelashes. For ages, this oil has been a wonder oil for moisturizing almost every part of the body.

Every night before you hit the bed, gently apply the oil on your eyelashes and massage your eyelids too. Make sure that it doesn’t enter your eyes as it may cause irritation and reddening of the eyes. It is often said that mixing of honey, or lemon or egg white will also enhance this solution. So those are other options that you should try out. Do this simple act for a month and see the wondrous results!

2. Castor oil

Castor oil

Castor oil has always been recommended for hair growth in general. So apart from your scalp and your eyebrows, applying it at the base of your eyelashes greatly encourages hair growth. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, combining it with a few rich nutrients and then applying it is beneficial.

Dab a little with a ball of cotton and do so a few times in a week before heading to bed. In the morning rinse off the oil and you will notice that this will also clear impurities in your eyes and grow healthier eyelashes. Adapt this method as a daily practice for best results. Here you know about mesothelioma.

3. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly: Natural Growth of Eyelashes

All those who have used petroleum jelly on their bodies know that it isn’t a pleasant feeling, to say the least. Apart from being one of the easiest remedies. It is also one of the best remedies and amongst the top-recommended ones in the world. It also helps in hair growth, Removes all traces of makeup on your face, and using a mascara wand apply a little of the jelly-like you apply mascara.

Remember not to put too much on your eyelids as they will feel heavy in the morning when you wake up. Wash off all residues with warm water and wait for a few weeks to see amazing results. After a few days, you will feel your eyelashes moisturized as well.

4. Coconut and Lavender Oils

Coconut and Lavender Oils

Lavender and coconut have been scientifically proven to increase hair growth and a concoction of them both – wow that’s a remedy you don’t want to miss trying out! Take four drops of lavender essential oil and mix it well with one tbsp of coconut oil. (You can easily buy lavender oil online, and in several beauty stores too).

Take this simple concoction and apply on the base of your eyelashes and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning and repeat the procedure at night. In case of sensitive eyes, observe if you have irritation in the eyes and accordingly check with your personal doctor about continuous usage.

5. Vitamin E: Natural Growth of Eyelashes

Vitamin E: Natural Growth of Eyelashes

You must be aware that vitamin E is good for treating skin problems. But did you know that vitamin E also helps for growing eyelashes? The remedy is simple. Open up a couple of vitamin E tablets and apply the contents to the roots of your eyelashes and let that remain for a few hours. You could also do this while going to bed and wash it off in the morning. Consider using a brush to apply it and it will nourish and thicken the eyelashes.

6. Blended Mixture Of Best Oils: Natural Growth of Eyelashes

Blended Mixture Of Best Oils: Natural Growth of Eyelashes

Apart from the oils that we have mentioned above, here’s another set that has vouched to work like magic by many users. Castor oil, avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil and a bit of vitamin E should be mixed to create a potion that grows the lashes long and thick.

Although the concoction is more complex than the rest, it is perhaps the best remedy recommended by several experts. All quantities need to be equal and the mix can be stored in a tube and used daily.

7. Biotin Or Vitamin H: Natural Growth of Eyelashes

Biotin Or Vitamin H

Biotin or commonly known as Vitamin H, encourage your eyelashes to grow in general. It also increases blood flow to the hair follicles, prevents drying and falling out of eyelashes and thickens them as well. Nutrients such as carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats are required to help improve the condition of your eyes as well as your eyelashes and for this Biotin is the perfect remedy as it greatly aids in absorption. You needn’t buy any medicines in particular for this as foods such as bananas, walnuts, sardines, eggs, beans, nut butter, and soybeans are rich in vitamin H.

8. Aloe Vera yet again! – Natural Growth of Eyelashes

Aloe Vera yet again - Natural Growth of Eyelashes

Another wonderful home remedy is Aloe Vera. We all know how varied the uses are of Aloe Vera and yet again here it is used for another purpose. To make your eyelashes grow and nourish their roots, apply some Aloe Vera gel with a mascara wand, the way you apply mascara. Do this before going to bed and leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning. Thanks to its rich nutrients and abundant vitamins, your eyelashes grow strong very quickly.

9. Green tea

Green tea - Natural Growth of Eyelashes

How many teetotallers out there? Well just kidding. Here’s a remedy that you may not have imagined could have helped your eyelashes! Simply cool down the green tea and with the help of a cotton ball apply it to your eyelashes. After around five minutes wash it off your eyes with cool water to get maximum results. To make the results even more effective, you could add a couple of drops of Jojoba oil and then apply that concoction to your eyelashes.

10. Egg White

If you aren’t a vegetarian or wouldn’t mind an egg rolling into your house, then this remedy works great for you. Want to reduce the fall frequency of eyelashes? Then egg white is a perfect remedy. Mix two drops of egg white with two drops of castor oil and apply the mixture to your lashes before you go to bed. Wash it off in the morning, repeat the procedure daily, and you will see the results in a few weeks.

11. Cold Coconut Milk

Cold Coconut Milk - Natural Growth of Eyelashes

With the myriad uses of coconut already available in the world, here is yet another use that’s surprisingly effective! Coconut milk contains protein and fat that help eyelashes to grow thick while adding shine and volume to them too. With the help of a cotton, wad apply the milk to your eyelids and to the roots of the eyelashes, keep it for around ten to fifteen minutes then wash it off with cool water. The remarkable results will be evident in a matter of weeks.


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